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Planned Giving (Estate Planning):

For over 80 years, Immanuel Baptist Church (IBC) has served as a spiritual home, a place of worship and a place to create, inspire, fund, and carry out good works. As you have given generously to God throughout your life, consider making a planned gift to IBC. In addition to supporting this ministry, planned gifts are a unique way to express your personal values, continue the stewardship of your life, and leave a lasting impact on the lives of others. Leaving a planned gift to your church reminds the next generation of your enduring faith and beliefs.  There is no better time than right now to begin.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is sometimes referred to as “planned giving” or “deferred giving.” The objectives of estate planning are to:

  • Conserve estate assets for yourself and for those you love

  • Bypass capital gains taxes

  • Reduce current income taxes

  • Reduce federal estate taxes

  • Increase current income

As Christians and members of Immanuel, our interest in estate planning goes beyond efforts to save or reduce taxes, although this is one legitimate objective. An important part of our Christian heritage in America is that we are provided opportunities for making gifts to charitable causes. Your gift through careful estate planning can continue to support our church and other Christian causes even after death.

Several legacy giving arrangements will help you maximize your benefits and accomplish your charitable giving goals. Each legacy-giving arrangement can be structured to suit your situation.

Will – a gift to IBC may be made in your will.
Lifetime Gift – a gift where the donor receives a lifetime benefit, such as a charitable gift annuity.
Outright Gift – a gift that benefits the donor with income tax savings for the current year, such as cash, real estate, stock, or life insurance.

Want to know more about making a lifetime gift, an outright gift, or a will?

Please contact our church office and we can put you in contact with someone who can assist you with these important decisions.

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